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What is the Love Sex Life Sexual Health Campaign? #ConsentLSL

Love Sex Life is excited to launch a campaign exploring the theme of the consent for Sexual Health Week 2021. Throughout the week, we’ll be educating and informing local residents about the key to healthy relationships through outreach sessions, digital content, an Instagram takeover.

Events throughout the week

We will be hosting outreach sessions based in Lambeth, Southwark and Lewisham including information advice and wellbeing.

Monday 13th/ 12-2pmStephen Lawrence Centre, Lewisham
Tuesday 14th/ 1-3pm Rotherhithe community centre, southwark
Wednesday 15th July
Lambeth Refuge centre

What are the signs of a healthy relationship?   

Here are some relationship ‘green flags’. We will all value slightly different qualities in our relationships, however, everyone deserves to be respected, feel safe and be cared for, feeling that you have your needs met. 

Why are healthy relationships important? 

Strong social connections help us to navigate our stressors, solve problems and overcome challenges. Building positive relationships makes us happier, improves our feelings of security, and provides meaning to our lives. Healthy relationships are a key part of our mental, physical and sexual health (or our overall health).  We all deserve to be happy and healthy in our relationship. 

What is consent?  

Consent means agreeing to do something or giving permission for something to happen. When it comes to sex, this means agreeing to have sex or engage in sexual activity.  

Sex or sexual activity can include sexual touching, oral, anal and vaginal sex with a penis or with any other type of object.

If someone does not give consent or feels pressured, scared or is drunk or high, and a person still engages in sex or a sexual activity with them, this is sexual assault or rape. 

Any sort of sexual activity without consent is illegal whatever the age of the people involved and whatever their relationship.  

Someone might agree to sex earlier on and then change their mind and everyone has the right to do this. 

Consent is essential and should be ongoing (not just something you ask for once) • Sex should be pleasurable, safe, feel good, and be fun!  

Local services

If you’ve been the victim of a sexual assault, then please contact The Havens.

Art competition: “What does consent mean to you?” 

We are pleased to announce an art competition that is open to all Lambeth, Southwark and Lewisham residents over 18.

Design a piece of art for Love Sex Life on the theme of consent and win a wellbeing inspired goody-bag of prizes!
Think you can design an art piece that you think will resonate and connect with your community. Love Sex Life would like you to get creative and send in your digital designs to The posters can be as simple or as detailed as you like. Please see our T&Cs for more information. This competition closes on 5pm 29th September.

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